Independent Study

Independent Study is often called "home study."  Technically they are similiar in definition, but we only offer Independent Study which is intended for short term enrollment due to unique student situations and requires diligence by the student to complete the work at home with a significant amount of parental support. Typically a student can expect to be assigned the minimum of 20 -25 hours per week. Our Independent study progam is rigorous and designed for students that are self-motivated. 
To be eligible, your student must meet specific requirements.  Attendance is accounted by the completion of their weekly assignments AND attending the specified one hour per week (one-on-one) appointment with their teacher at Esperanza High School. Student appointments will not be rescheduled and missed sessions will result in absenteeism.  Should a student miss two sessions for any reason, they will be re-evaluted for likely return to their school of origin (i.e.  Sycamore School, Gridley High, etc).
The credit structure is set at the maxium of 30 high school credits per semester as Independent Study does not permit credit acceleration or credit recovery for high school students.  However, the credit requirements do not apply for grades K - 8, but may affect the promotion onto the next grade if assignments are incomplete or if the student has been deemed truant.
Certificated staff:  2
Current enrollment:  15
Location:  581B Jackson St., Gridley, CA  95948
Office hours:  7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Student attendance:  Individual appointments are set at orientation appointment 
Graduation/Promotion Requirements:  All students of their current grade level are required to meet the standards as set forth by the Gridley Unified School District.