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Esperanza High School serves students who are 16 years old and in the 11th or 12th grade.  Our program is geared towards supporting students that are credit deficient, however students do not need to be credit deficient to attend.   Our program offers a smaller setting with a student to teacher ratio of approximately 15:1.  On campus our staff consists of a principal, secretary, a counselor, two teachers and a custodian.   


A smaller school setting can be a great benefit to many students. It allows for a community focused school climate and can foster citizenship, leadership, and social emotional skills through increased student engagement. Our site strives to enhance student confidence, commuication, and support.  Students often develop stronger relationships with their peers as they have daily opportunities to get to know one another in a program that they feel safe and included.  


As a closed campus, our district provides free breakfast and lunch to all enrolled students of Gridley Unified.  For the 2021-2022 school year we are sending home data income forms as this year is our base year to help determine if GUSD will continue to qualify in providing free meals to our students.  Even if your student does not plan to eat at school or you believe you may not qualify for free/reduced meals, filling out an application is helpful to the district to do so. 


Esperanza students do not have the traditional homework as class assignments are completed in class.  However, there is ALWAYS  "homework" to recoup missing credits!  Keep in mind that the morning session at school is to maintain their current grade level credit requirements only.  Our version of "homework" is the credit recovery portion and must be worked on everyday at home to realign students back to the graduation track.  Edgenuity is our credit recovery program and is accessible 24/7, so students have unlimited time to work independently at home.  Enrollment at Esperanza should not be considered for a shorter school day as the  credit recovery portion is for students to work independently at home.  


Finally, Esperanza's graduation requirements align exactly with Gridley HS.  Our diploma at Esperanza holds the same value as Gridley HS as we are also WASC Accredited.  Our graduation ceremony is also traditional with graduates in caps and gowns.  It is truly a wonderful moment to honor the graduates in a more personal setting. 


Please contact us with any questions at (530) 846-6721