Attendance Policy

To report an absence, please call: (530) 846-6721.

  • Please schedule all medical and dental appointments outside of school hours whenever possible.
  • Verify child’s absence for any length of time by a phone call or a note. 
  • Excuse absence the same day as absence occurred.
  • If sending your student with a note: include date, time, parent signature and reason for absence.
  • Esperanza High School is a Time on Task school. Students must attend class every day to earn credits.
  • Esperanza High School is a Closed Campus (excluding lunch time). Leaving without permission, for any reason, will be deemed a “cut”.
  • Students not attending class will have Work Permit pulled (if deemed a “truant”).
  • Students deemed to be a “truant” are issued Attendance Letters and referred to the School Attendance Review Board.
  • Students are deemed chronically absent if they miss 10% or more days of the days enrolled in school.
  • Students must attend a full regular day in order to participate in scheduled extra-curricular activities. 

Credit Earned in Classes

Esperanza utilizes a 4 week grading period schedule to determine credits. In-class credit is calculated by totaling the number of days of attendance and participation. 
  • In-class credit cannot be earned if a student is absent more than 3 days per 4 week grading period
  • All tardies, excused/unexcused absences, non-participation days directly impact credits earned.