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4 Grading Sessions Remaining!

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October 18, 2022
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  • Informational Parent Night
    • Preventing Teen Vaping

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September 14, 2022
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The Gridley Unified School District fosters a culture that promotes the health, safety, and well-being of students, and parents. In an effort to continuously support this commitment, the District has approved an agreement with Care Solace.

Care Solace is an online resource with a live 24X7 concierge line meant to assist individuals in finding local mental health related programs and counseling services. To use Care Solace, individuals answer ten basic questions in order to receive an extensive list of referrals to applicable care providers. Care Solace takes into account all types of private insurance including Medi-Cal, Medicaid, and Medicare and those that have no insurance. The system also filters by age, gender, zip code and special request.
Care Solace is now available for use by Gridley students and families at no cost. Please note, this service is an optional resource available by choice and is not mandatory in any way. Care Solace does not require a user’s name, address, phone number, or date of birth. All of the information that is entered in on their platform is completely confidential and stored securely.

If you are interested in seeking counseling-related services at this time, please consider visiting or clicking the link to begin.

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September 1, 2022
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Dear Parents and Guardians, 
The staff at Esperanza High School are excited to welcome you to a new school year filled with opportunities to learn and engage!  
Getting into the habit of daily attendance is more important than ever. It helps to:  
  • Reduce Stress
  • Make it easier to connect with friends and teachers
  • Support learning and academic achievement

With that being said, September is Attendance Awareness Month. Although some adults have misconceptions about the importance of school attendance; studies show that attendance is the number one predictor of graduation rates and sets the stage for lifelong academic, social/emotional, career readiness, and success. So, how many absences are too many? Being chronically absent (missing just 10% - approximately two or more days per month) can adversely impact a child’s learning and self confidence, and drastically increases the likelihood of dropping out of school. 
Addressing chronic absence is a key component of improving graduation rates, increasing academic achievement and giving your student the best chance at success in their adult life.

In closing, please know that it is our priority to partner closely with our school families; and to help you overcome any barriers that may arise and interfere with your child’s attendance- be that health, transportation, food, housing, etc. If a problem emerges please let us know so that we can assist you. 


Savannah Welz
Esperanza High School Counselor