Work Permits

At Esperanza we believe that a student’s primary job is to earn a diploma.  We understand the necessity of earning income, however we are committed to support you in education first. 
The following steps are necessary to request a work permit:    
  1. BEFORE you interview with a prospective employer, ask Esperanza's secretary for an appropriate time to speak with the principal to verify eligibility.    
  2. If approved, use a PEN to fill out the student and parent sections of the green work permit request. 
  3. Upon being hired, take the green work permit request to your employer so they can complete their section.
  4. Return this and the completed green form to the school secretary who will then process the legal work permit.  
  5. You cannot work until you have been given the actual work permit.
**Work permits are processed as time allows.  Do not expect to receive your permit within the
same 48 hours even if you are already scheduled to work.    
As an employed full-time student you must:
  • maintain positive attendance (including not being tardy)
  • maintain your work permit contractual agreement terms
  • progress in credit recovery as outlined 
  • demonstrate positive behavior 
  • follow all rules and regulations 
As the school authorizing your work permit:
  • We do monitor attendance, behavior and academic progress   
  • We do revoke work permits 
  • We will deny a new or renewal work permit request